Conservative Candidates for elections on 22 May 2014

The Conservative Candidates for North Hertfordshire District Council, Royston Town Council and the European Parliament elections on Thursday 22 May have now been nominated.  They are :


Baldock Town                        Jim McNally

Letchworth East                     Michael Paterson

Letchworth Grange                 Paul Marment

Letchworth South East           John Booth

Letchworth South West          Mike Rice

Letchworth Wilbury                Andy Frankland

Royston Heath                       Fiona Hill

Royston Meridian                   Bill Davidson

Royston Palace                      Ben Lewis


Royston Town Council

Royston Town Heath              Peter Burt, Lindsay Davidson, John Davison,

                                              Victoria Hulstrom-Allen, Graham Palmer

Royston Town Meridian          Mike Harrison, F John Smith, Vera Swallow, Rita Turner

Royston Town Palace             Sarah Dingley, Ben Lewis


European Parliament

Vicky Ford

Geoffrey Van Orden

David Campbell Bannerman

John Flack

Tom Hunt

Margaret Simons

Jonathan Collett