Conservative Party Conference 2018 Report

Despite pessimistic advance publicity in the media, the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham produced some excellent results and sent home the delegates in much better heart than when they arrived.  North East Herts Conservatives sent their largest delegation for many years and were treated to the most fringe meetings I think ever seen at a Party Conference. 

Of course, Brexit was the main topic of conversation both inside and outside the main hall.  However, many interesting policy discussions were held in venues across Birmingham.  Everything from a fourth industrial revolution to recruiting more women candidates to stand for our Party were debated.  It was encouraging to see so many people from all walks of life speaking from the platform including students, doctors, nurses, pensioners, people who came to this country as refugees and many women.  Just showing what a welcoming Party we are to people from across our nation. 

Of course, much hype was made of the Boris fringe meeting which as always was entertaining and also full of good ideas for the future.  The main event, however, was clearly the closing speech of our dancing queen Prime Minister, Theresa May.  Despite many newspapers stating the hall would be half empty and she would not get much support it was in fact the opposite.  Many people were locked out and her speech was full of achievements the Government have made to date and of plans for the future.  She received a rousing reception from the audience and will have gone out of the hall filled full of confidence and support for her critical final negotiations with the European Union. 

A great time was had by all our delegates who not only attended many of the political events but we also managed to enjoy the sights of Birmingham and particularly their Indian food.


Andrew Young