Message from Sir Oliver

The recent referendum campaign and the leadership election have raised the temperature of political debate in the Conservative Party and we have had our divisions. Although North Hertfordshire voted to remain in the EU and many of us agreed, a significant number of local Conservatives supported Brexit. At Westminster the national result is respected and Theresa May has made clear that “Brexit means Brexit”. I agree.

At Westminster, we had a bruising leadership contest with notable figures falling out of the picture for a variety of reasons. It is right to have two candidates for the members of the Party to choose between and the MPs were determined to give a choice. However, Andrea Leadsom decided after the first few days that it was in the national interest to have a settled leader quickly and withdrew, pledging her support to Theresa, who already had the support of other leading “Leave” campaigners. This shows what a public servant Andrea is.

Under our Party rules Theresa is the new leader of our Party. There are challenges ahead and opportunities for our country. Theresa May is strong, shrewd, experienced and wants to deliver for everyone. Now is the time for us to accept the result of the referendum and unite behind our new leader in the national interest.