Message from Sir Oliver Heald QC MP


I would like to thank all electors of North East Hertfordshire for re-electing me as their MP with an increased majority.  With this new mandate, I commit myself again to work for the interests of all constituents and to continue to stand up for our area in Parliament.


Over the past five weeks I have visited all parts of the constituency and have met constituents on the doorstep, in high streets, markets and town centres.  We held seven hustings across North East Hertfordshire with all candidates invited. My campaign team delivered leaflets in the four towns and many villages that make up the constituency.  It was an invaluable opportunity to meet so many people, to hear their concerns and to explain why I was asking for another five years in Parliament.


The national campaign was a good one and I am glad that the Conservative message was heard loud and clear.  The economy is improving with new jobs, income tax cuts, more apprenticeships, welfare reforms to help people back into work and all with pensioners protected.  Many people said to me that they did not wish to prejudice the recovery by changing tack on our economic policy.


Locally, I was delighted by the positive response I received and that people support my campaigns to secure the funding for the widening of the A1M, to secure the satellite radiotherapy and other improvements at Lister Hospital and in Royston and for my campaign to protect Hertfordshire’s chalk streams and their precious flora and fauna.


In the years to come I will continue to work tirelessly for the constituency and pursue my campaign for a satellite radiotherapy centre at the Lister Hospital so that vulnerable people do not have to travel to London day after day for treatment.  I will continue to press for the speedy roll out of superfast broadband in the remaining villages.  I will also take part in the great constitutional debates which are upcoming including English votes for English laws. The improving economy will help us protect the vulnerable and improve our vital public services.


In visiting all parts of this beautiful constituency I was struck again by how important it is to protect our environment and ensure that housing development is sensitive. 


I would like to thank the voters of North East Hertfordshire for choosing me again to serve as MP and whether you supported me or not I will be a strong voice for you in Parliament and in the constituency.


Sir Oliver Heald QC MP