John Flack MEP

John Flack replaced Vicky Ford who stood down on 12 June 2017 after winning the Chelmsford seat in the 2017 general election.

John brings over 40 years business, professional and voluntary service experience.  John always aims to speak up with common sense based on traditional Conservative principles of a love for our Country, a belief in freedom and personal responsibility and of Government at all levels interfering less in people's lives.  He is working for a new, close, special relationship with our European friends - based on co-operation, not integration.

He is  a member of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection and the Committee on Regional Development. 

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Geoffrey Van Orden MEP

First elected as MEP in 1999, Geoffrey leads the Conservative MEP team in the East of England. He has consistently opposed European political integration, in particular EU meddling in defence.  He wants to use opportunities from the single market and other laws to ensure that our local businesses and citizens get the best deal and to prevent unhelpful legislation. He attaches particular importance to ensuring that so-called 'EU funds' coming to the East of England (effectively British taxpayers’ money recycled through Brussels) are more accessible and better spent.

David Campbell Bannerman MEP

David Campbell Bannerman, known affectionately as ‘dcb’, is a Conservative MEP for the East of England. David has long-standing connections with the area and has family here. He was first elected to the European Parliament in June 2009.David believes in putting his country first, before party or personal interest.  He is firmly committed to common sense policies that better the lives of all the people of Britain.