Brown Bin Charges


Over 60% of all Councils of all political persuasions now charge for this service

  • North Herts. charge is less than half of the highest charged
  • We will be introducing weekly food collection service and alternate week battery collection service
  • In cab technology will allow operators to know who has opted in to the service
  • Bins will not initially be collected from those not opting in so as to allow for people to change their minds. Other Councils show this happens a lot.
  • There is no discernable increase in domestic fly tipping in those areas where the system has been introduced.
  • Direct debit will be available for next year.
  • People may share bins if they want but collection will only be from the nominated house.
  • Importantly Labour are campaigning on the basis that they will remove this charge. In the hugely unlikely event that that they were able to renegotiate the contract one week before it becomes effective this could add between £750K to £1m to the council costs. We already have to make further savings over the next few years to ensure a balanced budget so we should point out that they have given no indication of the Council services that they would cut to achieve this saving.