The good, the bad and the ugly

The Party Conference in Manchester this year was certainly all of the above.

A team were present from North East Herts constituency and enjoyed the numerous political and social events on offer.

The good - there were some good speeches from Ministers in the main hall, offering many new policies to address current issues. Of course the emphasis throughout the Conference was on Brexit. But everyone seemed determined to make the most of the result, whether a remainer or leaver. It was agreed by all that the will of the people must be followed and the best deal obtained.

Perhaps the best of the Conference was to be found in the many fringe meetings. We saw many of our newer, younger MPs in action, and we have many to be proud of. Different ages, sexes and ethnic backgrounds, as well as from all walks of life. The Party is even more diverse now than ever before and we must make sure we do more to show our diversity through promoting these excellent newer, younger elected representatives.

The bad - was seen by all. The unfortunate combination of the Prime Minister with a bad cough (could happen to anyone), the publicity seeking idiot who broached security, and the bad luck to have some letters falling off the backdrop. The odds of all 3 happening at once must be huge, but they did.

The ugly - as a Conference attender since the 1970’s, the crowds of protesters reminded me of the ugly scenes we used to face. Is it right that a Democratic Party should be threatened by socialists, communists and anarchists when carrying out their democratic right. Should we be abused, threatened and spat at as we enter the Conference. Unfortunately it appears this what the new left likes to do. As was said by the Prime Minister, is it right that the political reporter for the BBC needed security guards at the Labour Conference? Is it right that we should accept abuse because of our political beliefs? Momentum seems to encourage this and for those who never saw the 1970’s please take note. This is not a democracy that we want!!

Andrew Young - Agent