Mogg mania arrives in Letchworth

A huge audience arrived at the Broadway Hotel last week to hear Jacob Rees-Mogg MP. It was a record turnout and tickets could have been sold twice over.

In addition to his after dinner speech, Jacob visited every table and had many a conversation with people present.

Introduced by our President, the Viscount Trenchard, he spoke without notes on how we need to resell Conservatism. He was proud to be a Conservative and urged people present to go out and sell the cause. Opportunity, responsibility, values and hard work were amongst the many messages he conveyed. He also outlined the benefits he saw from a successful Brexit.

In a Q and A session after the speech, Jacob was convinced there would be a successful deal on Brexit and that the UK would go from strength to strength.

In thanking him for his visit, Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP, confirmed that the Conservative Party was united in its wish to get a good deal for Brexit. He pointed out he had supported remain, but as the British people had spoken he now wanted to ensure we got it right.

A hugely successful evening, enjoyed by all, and we left with a renewed vigour for re-establishing the message on Conservative values.