Sir Oliver Heald re-selected as Conservative candidate

On Monday, North East Herts Conservatives Executive Council re-selected Sir Oliver Heald QC MP, to be their candidate in a forthcoming Parliamentary election.

Chairman of the Association, Ian Knighton said " We are delighted to once again support our fantastic MP in any Parliamentary election that may occur. Sir Oliver does a terrific job for our Constituency and works harder than any MP I know, to ensure all constituents are well represented at Westminster".

Following the meeting Sir Oliver commented " It is a great honour and privilege to once again be selected to stand for the North East Herts Constituency. Over the years I hope residents feel I have worked hard on their behalf. and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future ". He added "The Prime Minister is determined to carry out the wishes of the electorate in the referendum. Hopefully a deal with Europe can be achieved, and 31st October will see an end to the Brexit situation. Then we can concentrate on issues like education, law and order, the NHS and defence. All areas we are investing heavily to improve the lives of all citizens in the UK."