Recent Government Action

On Saturday, Brandon Lewis announced plans to replace landing cards for Non-European travellers, scrapping the outdated paper-based system, which costs the public around £3.6 million each year.

Congratulations to Sir Oliver

Our popular local MP Sir Oliver Heald was re-elected last night with an increased number of people voting for him since 2015.  

Oliver Heald 32587

Labour 15752

Lib Dem 4276

Green 2965

Turnout 73.2%

Sir Oliver Heald on the Manchester Terror Attack

Sir Oliver Heald has been shocked by the terrible incident that took place in the Manchester Arena on 22nd May. His thoughts and prayers are with the victims, and the families and friends of those affected. This was among the worst terrorist incidents ever experienced in the United Kingdom.

School Funding

A lot of misinformation has gone out to parents on the school funding issue.  Here are the facts :

Election Results

Last night was a great night for the Conservative Party both nationally and locally. 

Many congratulations to our winning candidates in North East Herts.

Oliver Heald Selected as Conservative Candidate

We are delighted to announce that Sir Oliver Heald has been selected to represent the Conservatives in North East Hertfordshire for the forthcoming Parliamentary election on 8th June.

Congratulations to Vicky Ford

We would like to send our congratulations and best wishes for success to our excellent MEP, Vicky Ford.